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Water Gap Hot Rods Hot Dogs, eh Hot Dog Johnny’s Humpty Junior’s


Philadelphia, PA EL Bar Bob & Barbra’s (Go on Drag Night) Jim’s Steaks Delasandro’s Steaks Smith Playground The Pretzel ride Philly AIDS T...



Library Badging

Digital Badging platform design and implementation for youth at the Free Library of Philadelphia


Low cost digital hardware fabrication for makerspaces

Shop Systems

Various digital tools I’ve made with students for the shop.

Workshop Industries

Products and Projects while directing a team of tinkerers at the Workshop School.


Coconut Chicken Soup

Slow cooker based, most likely Costco rotisserie chicken soup & stock recipes. When making the soup a trick is to not mix the veggies so the potatoes get...

Crab Quiche

I am pretty sure the cafe ripped this from John Travolta.

Guava Mead

The first time I made a Costco Mead that didn’t taste like rocket fuel after 2 months. The guava nectar replaces water in a normal recipe.

Hutspot: Mashed Potato & Carrot

I wonder why Tootz made this very dutch recipe as a very East German, New Jerseyan woman. Affectionately spelled “Hudspud” in my fam.


I’m not totally sure if this recipe is correct.

Matts Cookies

Matt if you read this, let me know if you want it taken down or drafted. Then I’ll just have to ask you for it again the next time I loose it.

Moroccan Carrots

A “cafe” side, best left to ferment in fridge, paired with red lentil cakes.

Paleo Pancakes

I spent a month or two trying different ratios trying to emulate pancakes. Otherwise you can easily make these too dry too gummy.

Shrimp Creole

Feeds about 8 hearty eaters, preparation time 40 minutes (precook chicken and shrimp while cutting veggies), final cook time about an hour

Smoked Porter

To be updated soon, need to transcribe out of my brewing binder.

Veg. Cincinatti Chili

I have been trying to eat less meat, while this meal relies heavily on processed soy, it’s quite delicious.


Bantam Mill

I’ll never own one, but love tinkering with one.

Shopbot CNC

I have used both 48x48 and 96x48 PRSalpha models.

K40 Laser

Check the grounding 5000 times, then cut.