Maker Jawn Archive

The following incomplete recap is skewed by my own thoughts and feelings on the subject. I only have written this as a recap of the life of the program for my own records. If you wish to add anything, let me know!

Genesis, Summer 2013

The Maker Corps Summer of Making

Grant funded programs run at 4 Free Library of Philadelphia Computer Hot-Spots in North Philadelphia and 1 in West Philadelphia. link

Kept afloat by workstudy students until 2014 when Teen Programming city positions were procured to hire staff for 9 libraries.

Peak, Plateau, and Projects, Summer 2014

Workstudy to City Position Transition

Maker Jawn had much success after the 2013 summer of making exhibiting at Maker Faire World 2013. Maker Jawn reached it’s peak in the summer of 2014 when it was awarded a multi-year half million dollar grant to implement programs for all ages. This was also after successfully prototyping a Digital Badging Program and a summer collaboration with FLPs College Prep Program.

Library As Incubator

Connected Messages

Maker Faire

Maker Corps Community Resource

Badging Program

Youth Films at Kensington and Lehigh Ave Branches

E-Textiles with the Franklin and UPenn GSE

IMLS Grant

Many webinars, workshops, and conference presentations

Post Emergent Sustainability Crisis, Winter 2015

GRID Article

Co-founder leaves

City positions issues

Immediately after city funded Maker Mentor positions are seasonal with a mandatory month off. Some makers cannot afford this break or are not able to keep their position. The Office of Public Service and Support put a College Prep Specialist with little knowledge of program direction in charge as director of the program. The library’s office of Strategic Initiatives provided no direct support of the Maker Mentors or the Initiative.

Decline, Summer 2015

Brain Drain

As the program went into it’s second year several other co-founders left the Initiative. Conflict began to arise within the bureaucratic system between management and the mentors. [Deb Lui has a great white paper that touches on the span of time from the crisis to the decline, link at bottom.

Current Day

2017 and resources lapse and become defunct.


Supposedly all remaining makers are now programming specialists as part of T.O.P.P.S. after school homework help programs.


  • Make: Magazine abruptly shutters, Maker Ed’s future looks okay.
  • Seems like the Digital Badging Program is now back in the hands of the College Prep Program.

Digital Archives

I do really wish the remaining program mentors the best if they’re still at FLP. I have started find ways to digitally archive the good work people did at the initiative below:

  • Wayback Machine It seems like an ok way to get the site back, but most blog posts are not archived. I have copied some of my own articles to this Jekyll blog, but subsequently lost the rich media for them in 2019.
  • Youtube Channel
  • Twitter
  • Flickr


Each link should take you to a PDF archive of each activity listed lesson plan. Originally stored on the Maker Jawn site as shared Google Docs:

Grants Awarded



  • Make Youtube Collection at some point

White Paper