Shop Systems

Laser Queue

I spent a fair amount of free time making digital tools to replace paper systems for processing files at the University of the Arts Industrial Design Shop. I utilized Google Docs and Google Scripts to create a file submission form, technician back-end, and digital invoicing app all from the same shared Spreadsheet. No more paper looking around for papers after each cut and at the end of each semester!

I’ve always wanted to come back to this and make it a stand-alone, google free, app. For now the docs are on GitHub.

placeholder image 1 placeholder image 2
A quick image of the rough technician interface and a sample invoice processed from a submission in the queue.

ID UArts Shop Website

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Workshop School Schedule BK

I needed a way to have advisors request my help during common advisory time in the morning. I created a web app using Google sheets for teachers to reserve myself, a shop space, or a tool during advisory time. I had it notify me when I was needed and kept the scheduler up on a digital display in the shop for all to see.

Shop Scheduler