Workshop Industries

Collaborators & Clients:

Philadelphia Water Works, Bartram’s Garden, The Bike Church, Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, Little Baby’s Ice Cream, UPenn, Drexel, Saxby’s Coffee, The Philadelphia School District, 52nd St Business District, West Philadelphia Catholic, the Federal Reserve, Lea Elementary School, and many more.


As the director of Workshop Industries students brought to life multiple products utilizing the Workshop’s digital fabrication tools such as:

Craft Designs

The Jawnament, Love & Noel Designs, Generative Spiderwebs and Snowflakes, and last but not least The Jawnorah. All of these products were designed with and machined by students after school or during internship hours throughout the week. They sold these products at craft fairs or online and in my last year students net $16,000 profit during Holiday Sales.

Client Work

Giant Scrabble Tiles & Holders (300 Sets), Saxbys Coffee Shop Waterfall Table + Bar + Wall Boxes, Stanton, VA Ornaments (Low Volume), School District Vo-Tech Keychains (600 items each year), Philly Rollers Hats and Vinyl Stickers,

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