Roland: GS-24?

File Processing Checklist

Have Illustrator File
You only need paths, nothing special
0 Stroke seems to work, blade will follow line path
No need for layers, yet
Create bounding box around sticker(s)
Economically lay out sticker(s), don’t waste space
Have Illustrator File

Vinyl Setup Procedure

Make sure blade is in tool holder
Turn on Vinyl Cutter
Make sure plugged into laptop
Unlock roller stay lever arm (raise?)
Line up material to roller stays, look for grey key marks
Load material, answer prompt to select sheet: roll, edge, piece
Wait for machine to sense sheet size
Set origin(hold ORIGIN) if applicable
Set force if non vinyl material was on prior ~150ish and +1 seems to work on standard vinyl

Vinyl Cutting Procedure

Set Setting, Printer: Roland gs-24
Set Setting, Media Size: Defined by Driver
Set Setting, Rotate Media: Second Option?

Vinyl Cutting Procedure

  • If peeling check for blade sharpness(see bk)
  • If cutting through backing check pen force and force settings
  • I have extra blades from home as well as pen holder

  • Find Youtube Videos for machine setup/post
  • Illustrator works with drivers on Cutter2 Laptop
  • Get links
  • Take notes on procedure for machine checklist next time. Especially orientation.
  • What blades? I have at home, in bucket kit now.
  • Stuff made get pix
  • Use Illustrator files.
  • Just inventory everything.