EDU684: Reflection on Learning

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EDU684 Week 5 Reflection on Learning

earning more about the function of behavior as well as creating inclusive environments has been valuable. I currently teach students once a cycle in an Inclusion woodshop class so learning about ASD diagnosis and supports will be very useful as I go forward with that class. In particular I hope to become more engaged in conversation with their special ed teacher and aids as we cycle through small groups each month.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the overview of UDL earlier in the course. It was great to have a concise summary of UDL rather than the very academic and jargon filled presentation as my district has done many times in the last year.

“I’m in full agreement with the way the course is treating subjects like UDL. A friend of mine refers to this as “putting the cookies on the lower shelf,” in other words explaining something that can be complex in terms that the uninitiated can understand. Like you I’ve sat in teachers’ meetings and professional development seminars with an ocean of acronyms washing over me, wondering if I’d ever really understand what all of this meant. While I don’t claim to understand it ALL, I am encouraged by the concise, simple (but not simplistic) descriptions of the regulations and strategies surrounding special education.”