Summer ‘22 Update

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Summer ‘22 Update

Our trip to the Maritimes was awesome, I will be updating my travel page soon with points of interest. We really fell in love with PEI. New Brunswick was interesting as the cities were so small, but the Bay of Fundy was beautiful. Nova Scotia I’d like to spend more time in, but I could see us living in Halifax. Newfoundland seems like the place to travel in the summer if you’re able, Gros Morne was unreal and we’d like to check out St. Johns some day. There are also those French isles which seem pretty neat.

With regards to the pottery. I got pretty good at making plates and trimming in general. I hope to deep dive this year with access to a wheel and kiln at work. Hopefully I can also get a student interested as part of their STEM Capstone.

We’ve taken a bit of a break from D&D over the summer, I’m looking forward to getting back to Waterdeep. I have been enjoying playing Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, and I was finally able to play Nemesis in solo mode. I hope to have more time in the fall to devote to some TTGs!

I’m tenured in my current teaching position as of the first day of classes coming up. Feels weird, and having to also be a mentor this year within our department should be an adjustment.

Recently I’ve been feeling bleh(think lymes, but not?), so we’re going to attempt an elimination diet soon, and I’m committing to get on the trainer bike a bit more. So we’ll see how things are looking mid-fall when I next update.

In tinkering news I’m looking to deploy in my classes this year as I will be teaching a blind student. It seems reasonably accessible when compared to Figma or illustrator and will hopefully open up designing for our mill/laser as OpenSCAD did for them a couple of years ago.

Additionally, before our trip I did the Teachers Institute 1 at ARRL in CT. I learned quite a bit and am looking forward to better implementing amateur radio in my Engineering 1 course through the implementation of Foxhunting, Contact Making, and maybe some extra hands on labs like making a capacitor with a can, resistor with graphite on paper, and the way cool magnet in a copper pipe w/ bipolar LED demo they had. These are all things I have to build out and get funding for, but I think I’m ready to rock for the year and these will be novel and interesting projects to keep me more engaged in the work.

Finally, I’m about to get my SteamDeck, I’m super curious to see how much it changes my gaming habits or allows for me to do computing on the go. I’m hoping to start the Mass Effect series as my buddy bought me the collection as I’m on the second to last book of The Expanse series! I’ve gotten very used to utilizing my iPad Air to do a variety of things and don’t currently see the need for a personal laptop at this time.