Spring Update

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Spring Update

I’ve been in a cleaning frenzy.

The last few weeks have been full of cleaning, organizing, and consolidating electronic components at work before we are smack dab in the middle of our electronics unit.

Home, I have moved my shop to work now that we’re back in the building. I have decided I will only bring extraneous tools home as needed. It;s quite a relief! I can just enjoy being present at home and have been able to work on alternate projects. Recently I had some breakthroughs in my circuit python learning w/ the MagTag.

A side note, a cyst of sorts has developed on my hand. I am pretty much in constant pain currently (and have been for the last 1.5 months). Early may I should be having an operation to fix me up.

TO DO for this site

  • Revisit GBA stuff
  • Document Moon Phase for MagTag
  • Make a video review section to site.
  • Game review?
  • Bk’s Bookshelf
  • Update Tool Pages