EDU616: Week 5 Differentiating Learning for Students with Special Needs

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EDU616 Week5 Differentiating Learning for Students with Special Needs

I previously had a student that struggled with engaging in the work with independent capstone projects at the beginning of the year. Because of this(and now in my 2nd year at my school) I have started to better format the workflows as well as compile better examples of the work that they should be doing.

What I want to improve on is allowing students to learn not from just myself but from rich dynamic content on our LMS. It’s quite simple for me to demo or model for my students, but I’d like to work more towards recording videos that students can engage with on their own or as review. It’s something I’m slowly working towards(trying here and there), and will hopefully be fully set up for by the end of the year(looking to do with every project going forward).