NPTNC1693: Week 3 Summative Assessment

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NPTNC1628: Week 3 Summative Assessment

My formative assessments are usually either modeling exercises (CAD or Physical) or some sort of machine tool quiz. Both of these assessments assist me in preparing students for some type of work in our shop spaces, or lead up to a larger summative assessment for a larger project.

What I’d like to improve on is figuring out better ways for students to self assess. I just recently found a way for students to self assess on CAD exercises to see how precise they are by calculating the mass of 3D modeled objects. For physical objects made with machine tools I’m considering reverting back to old industrial arts methods where students must calculate tolerance(physical difference) between a product they make as part of an exercise and a blueprint. I also want to figure out ways of quizzing on digital tools like I do with physical shop tools. I’ve been considering using flipgrid or similar tools to make this process easily accessible for students.


” I imagine it would be hard for students to self-assess as they are building. At that point, they’re probably not sure if what they are making will work/assemble correctly in the end. The 3D modeling you suggested sounds really neat, but having students do some actual calculations sounds even better! (though they will probably hate it…) “