Digital tools I’ve been learning to use

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Digital tools I’ve been learning to use

I’ve been taking a little time to de-google myself as much as possible, fully doing so is impossible with my usage of gmail and gmaps. GPhoto as a back-up tool is also super enticing. :( All of my professional work is based off of GSuite, so, you get the idea…

With this I’ve also started to archive digital media as much as possible and have found a few useful tools recently to aid in batch downloading old files:

  • youtube-dl is super useful for batch downloading Youtube playlists. I’ve been keeping track of published projects from prior work, so I’m finally able to easily download everything in one go. From what I’ve heard you can also set up trigger events for when a playlist is updated, it’ll download any new videos. Wild! But I’m not there yet.

  • megabasterd, a tool used to download large MEGA files(and not have chrome memory issues). I have a few old MEGA archives from prior jobs/forever ago. Very useful!

  • glimpse, while I haven’t exactly used it, I heard about glimpse the other day it’s a fork of GIMP with some UX/UI changes to make it more like Adobe CS.

  • handbreak, a way to rip DVDs, I have some old DVD’s of family videos. It’s a great program to use to archive the files as a MKV, AVI, MP4, etc.

  • PLEX, I created a plex server at home for old multimedia content I have on my PC. Really great tool to do home streaming of files I have on my PC.

  • OBS, (I did some streaming the first week of distance learning)[]. I have amassed gear to do so over the years. It’s finally paid off, now I just need to do it more often, schedule pending.

  • Prusa Slicer & Prusa Printers Website, different infill patterns and a MUCH better version of Thingiverse…

  • FFMPEG - helps me convert archived videos QUITE fast via command line, it’s awesome…