NPTNC1628: Week 3 Cognitive Theories

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NPTNC1628: Week 3 Cognitive Theories

While I understand that students are the primary regulators of their own behavior I have spent a lot of time this year modifying the classrooms I teach in to create space for normal activities. In both of my shop spaces I have tables for students to work independently as well as communal tables for daily check-ins as well as support. I have made it clear that I will loop around to my students and check in once as they work on projects, but I expect them to come for help at the support table as it allows for better instruction tools(tv to model on, larger table, etc).

Over the course of the year my students got accustomed to this norm working independently when required and seeking help when needed. Getting them adjusted to this method of seeking help when needed has been interesting for students used to leaning on learned helplessness. Also, In some cases I have had to resort to activating our computer monitoring software, this typically acts as a short term reinforcement of expectations rather than a penalty.

In my mind structuring the space and independent activities this way have allowed for my students to get a better grasp on independent work, this is especially important as they adjust to high school in my 9th grade classes. My hope is in doing this they will be better suited in working independently tinkering, following procedures, and creatively moving forward.