NPTNC1693: Week 2 Formative Assessment

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NPTNC1628: Week 2 Formative Assessment

Two ways that I have given weak feedback:

I sometimes just comment "Good Work!" or "Great!" when doing spot checks for my 90 freshman students, when 3D modeling in our online tool Onshape. Usually do this because this task can be exhausting after the first class, and I tend to want to save more time for commenting on students who need feedback or encouragement to refine their designs.
I have a couple common assessment rubrics that my department made that leave no space for comments, but they are pretty detailed. I typically fill out these rubrics at some point during a project as a formality(I don't input the total grade, as I break the rows up as multiple checkpoints in our LMS), but don't leave comments on them as there is no space and the cells are quite detailed...

I do always wonder how I could better give feedback without it heavily relying on a comment bank of sorts. I’ve considered maybe using flipgrid so I can extemporaneously give feedback to documentation students do in a video. I’m open to suggestions!

RESPONSE: “I think you could also tell them how they have improved (if this is the case) and share that with the class. This would definitely make them feel happy and encouraged and it wouldn’t be exhausting/time-consuming.”