EDU684: Week 2 Special Ed Referral, Evaluation and IEPs

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EDU684 Week 2 Special Ed Referral, Evaluation and IEPs

I have been in many formal IEP meetings to chat about student growth and performance within my technology classes. Counselors usually request me to be a part of them as it allows for a perspective on the student in an elective/nontraditional general education class. It’s also always better for me to be there to chat with parents instead of them just reading my progress reports that I submit prior to the meeting.

The most interesting meeting I have been in was for a 9th grader who was struggling in all their classes. Across the board all teachers as well as the school psychologist and guidance counselor were recommending the student be re-evaluated and medicated for ADHD. The parents had not addressed an evaluation from years prior and were reluctant to take this advice even while their student was failing half of their classes (some were support classes w/ only 3 students).

With regards to special ed referral, I have assisted in getting additional supports for a few students in the last year. Last year I found this was needed and useful for freshman who were struggling with the high school transition(not the case as much this year). This year I have found the need to refer students who are still struggling after sustaining a concussion, mainly because they can’t catch up in all of their classes after being cleared post-concussion protocol. My referrals generally result in some level of intervention and support offered through our guidance department available to all students.