EDU616: Week 2 Questioning and Motivation

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EDU616 Week 2 Questioning and Motivation

Ink-Pair-Share has been an activity I have used in my classroom lately to help with final documentation for our Siege Machine Project. It has been useful for my catapult groups to cross pollinate ideas while reflecting on their projects. In particular it has been useful for students to remember troubles they had during construction that they’ve forgotten about. Most groups have had common issues, and being reminded of them through another groups experiences has been useful. I think I may try and integrate this more into the project as it’s going on next year instead of at the end. If I keep their responses in a public wiki-project they’ll have an easier time reflecting on the project with their notes when it comes time for final think-pair-shares and documentation.

In our next project my students will be creating new enclosures for USB flash drives using our 3D printers. I have built many options for enclosure methods as well as creation tools into this project. My hope is to use the four corners technique early on the the project to allow students to see what other students in the class are interested in similar design and construction methods, and hopefully this will lead to collaboration/working groups within each class.