EDU616: Week 3 Cooperative and Project-Based Learning

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EDU616 Week 3 Cooperative and Project-Based Learning

As a student I never really experienced project based learning until I was in college studying architecture and product design. Many of my initial projects in design studio were designed to be highly collaborative even if the end product was produced independently. Many of the skills or processes that we utilized required all of us to think deeply together as well as collaborate to help each other was we either designed or built. In high school we had projects in art classes or group labs in chemistry, but briefly looking back on them they’re not similar to any of the methods in the reading.

With my seniors this year I have heavily delved into the project management portion of PBL. I have expected my independent project students to hold themselves accountable by documenting what work they do each day, trying to project into the future when they will get certain tasks done, and reflect on what seems reasonable within the time they have in and outside of the class. They do this on their project website with a daily log, calendar, and reflection webpage.