Refreshing this site

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This site

I am currently in isolation prior to getting the benign fibroma in my left hand extracted on Monday.

I’m trying to scheme up some things to do between my surgery and returning to work that don’t involve working for the school district.

I’ve been thinking about redoing my website, but I’m kinda happy with the amount of data I can store on this site in it’s current form. I am also finding next.js/react a bit more cumbersome than I would like to take on, especially if I could spend my time polishing content rather than a full on rebuild.

A few things I’d like to work on

  • Adding my Gameboy mods and their documentation.
  • Adding a page for regular orders from various restaraunts.
  • Bookshelf
  • Youtube page maybe? Show stats
  • Plex? or fav media
  • Github project page
  • Succulent page, with care tips
  • Laser Settings page for Epilog as well as VLS

  • How I did night mode
  • Example of main page splash-page