NPTNC1693: Week 1 Introduction to Assessment

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NPTNC1628: Week 1 Introduction to Assessment

Within my T&E Foundations I rely mainly on formative assessments throughout projects to give feedback to my students as they progress through the work. These formative assessments can be the use of comments in a document(daily logs or project documentation), a quick common assessment rubric check, or observed testing of an artifact from their project. Also, in the beginning of each unit I typically give “tool tests” that allow for me to gauge how well a student understood my modeling and allows for me to correct any improper usage of tools and materials in my labs. Most of our units are focused on exposing students to various tools and techniques, so these tests are part safety protocol, part assessment of student learning in which we can give immediate feedback.

I guess as we deep dive on this I’d like to get better at finding moments for summative assessment in my classes. I find it difficult as my department hasn’t really come up with any tools for it, but I could push forward with my PLC to try and make that happen after we complete our common assessment rubrics this year.

Hope you all are safe and healthy! The last 2 weeks have been wild. I basically just moved out of my labs for the year and completed a whole week of on-line classes, and then just had to help my partner (who teaches Chem at a private school) move out of her labs before the building shuts down. In my tiny apartment we now have the gear for keeping 14 zebrafish alive as well as had to loop back for more because in the move they started laying eggs!

Stay well,