NPTNC1628: Week 1 Perspectives on Learning

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NPTNC1628: Week 1 Perspectives on Learning

Hi All, Hope everyone is healthy and safe,

Definitley the portion in the book about learned helplessness Seligman and Maier (Page 9) was most interesting to me. In particular it makes me wonder what tools I am not giving my students or they have not experienced with other teachers that leads them to exhibiting signs of learned helplessness within my own class, but as the book notes there are many theories or reasons for this behavior at play (Page 11). As a dog owner it was rough to think about sitting next to my dog, but it kept me engaged enough to link the content to my own practice!

The general overview of conditioning and how it can be created with contingency, dismantled or made extinct(Page 48), and how conditioning can be spread to other stimuli via generalization was fascinating. It truly makes me think about how I associate, present, and work with my students in my class and how their prior experiences influence their behavior in my class.