EDU684: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

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EDU684 Week 7 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Majority of the schools that I have taught in have had larger populations of students who are either ESL or ELL.

At my current school I have gotten much better at creating spaces for vocabulary and diagramming within lessons as well as posting that information for students to reference. As I do not have space for a word wall in my classroom I have created a “word wall” on my LMS haiku class webpage for my freshman class. I also post diagrams and posters to this class webpage for me to reference or students to refer back to.

This year I also began to create a vocab flashcard system that includes diagrams, usage, further information, as well as words for the tool/word in different languages. This I have only done for one unit so far, but I plan on looping back on it for next year, and may have students have a hand in creating them.