EDU616: Week 7 Legal and Ethical Issues in Teaching

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EDU616 Week 7 Legal and Ethical Issues in Teaching

I have a student who still has an incomplete for the first quarter of the year. I was emailed about this about a month ago as the student is performing poorly in many of his classes at this point and I am not their only incomplete. Their guidance counselor asked if I could just push the student through and forget about the incomplete. I responded saying no, with the assignments listed, and a plan of action for completing them (the exercises have independent tutorials and can be completed in less than a week, and with my help if needed). I also met with the counselor to dispel any misconceptions and get us on the same page. My biggest issue is they’re assignments that will be critical to our final two projects so they are a requirement. I guess the first principle I can take from the reading in this situation is always take the high road: be serious in emails and plainly lay out the facts. The second principle is being fair and authentic: the student can do this independently or with my help, and the reason they must do it is because it will directly impact their performance the remainder of the year.