The skills or attributes to be an outstanding teacher

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In experience both within the classroom and in informal instructional roles I have found three qualities that help one become a better educator: amiability, determination, and aptitude. These three attributes work in conjunction to help an educator focus on creating a community of learning within their classroom or learning space. Amiability is essential for one to both work with students and adults. A pleasant manner can go along way in setting up a welcoming space for students to come together and learn. One however must still be determined and focused on the tasks at hand. An educator wants their students to learn, needs to hold firm on what they ask of their students and peers, and while giving students agency must stay focused on the learning objectives. This is where aptitude comes into the picture. An educator must be skilled in their content area. Students ask questions, they go on tangents, and projects lead to new and unexpected places. A teacher must adapt what they know as well as learn on the fly to set themselves up for success.