NPTNC1693: Week 6 Assessing Dispositions and Diverse Students

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NPTNC1628: Week 6 Assessing Dispositions and Diverse Students

I have been working on a wordbank of key terms in my shop over the course of this year. Mostly in Spanish, but this chapter has made it clear I must work on getting Korean, Chinese, and Japanese in order to better represent my student body. Thankfully I can collaborate with language teachers on this!

The biggest surprise for me was the Cooperative vs. Competitive comment on copying or cheating being encouraged, I guess it’s endemic to some cultures, I’ve never really considered it this way. While I rarely see it in my courses, I always consider it’s rooted in the productivity cultures some propagate and the drive for high marks. This seems contradictory to the earlier notes on positive non-cognitive skills and how essential they are in creating functioning members of society.