NPTNC1693: Week 5 Portfolio Assessments

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NPTNC1628: Week 5 Portfolio Assessments

My experience with portfolio assessments began when I was in 11th grade and has not stopped since then. I have had to submit some sort of portfolio for almost every academic or professional position I have held in the last 12 years. The portfolios mainly have been a vehicle for me to outline my capabilities or my work with others.

Within my classrooms I have my students do mini-portfolios as part of final project documentation. Or with my STEM Capstone students they must maintain a living portfolio of all the work they do over the course of the year, and at this time of the year condense that into final documentation that is displayed online and at our end of year exhibitions.

Typically I utilize a small rubric as well as peer feedback to allow for students to fully benefit from the creation of these assessment tools. I also focus on students documenting their work in a portfolio so that they may go back to it for future reference or professional purposes.

What I am in the process of better implementing is getting my students used to web portfolios their freshman and sophomore years in my classes. My hope is by doing this collection, peer review, as well as final content creation will be better executed as part of the STEM Capstone course when they’re seniors.