NPTNC1693: Week 4 Selected and Constructed Response

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NPTNC1628: Week 4 Selected and Constructed Response

Early in my high school career I hated selected response and highly preferred constructed response assessments. Looking back on this it was because I started high school with quite poor study skills that I didn’t really have motivation to improve until the end of my 10th grade year. I definitely preferred short answers across all of my subjects from science to language as they allowed me to manufacture my and argue my own opinion on something. At this was way easier than studying when all I wanted to do outside of school was work at my first job. These days I actually prefer multiple choice as I can usually narrow things down, etc.

As a teacher I give out a lot of constructed response assessments due to the nature of our project based work. Usually my students have a few short response questions tied to the documentation of their project work. This all gets utilized in a slide deck, tri-fold, or website when they go to do final documentation. Selected responses are used infrequently, usually during machine tool testing and when we get into electronics and circuitry. I find the latter to be cumbersome, but necessary to gauge student understanding of concepts or procedures. The former gets way more interesting as some students can be very open and expressive on how they undertook a design or process.