Modding Gameboys

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Modding Gameboys

Another hobby of mine that has developed over the course of quarantine has been modding Game Boys. Out of all my possessions, I’ve never given up my small Game Boy collection. I have a DMG that I refurbished while in high school, a replacement Clear Game Boy Pocket for one stolen from me as a child, and my original Yellow Game Boy Color.

Over quarantine it struck me I now have the ability to do all those screen mods I lusted after as a child. I remember many old forums and websites about how to best install a frontlight kit in the GBA.

I thought I’d list some of my experiences before possibly making a standalone page on this hobby on the website. Images will come at a later date.

Game Boy DMG

I bought a box of DMG parts on eBay ~2007 and frankenstined a working DMG out of two broken devices. I have had to replace the glass a few times from regular usage and wear. For the longest time I wanted a LSDJ flashcart, but never got one.

Game Boy Pocket

I swapped the speaker on this at some point.

Game Boy Color

My first MOD was installing a TFT display inside a Game Boy Color, it’s a huge improvement over the stock screen. I can vividly remember how to best angle the GBC so the screen would be visible in my childhood living room. I gave up on it because it was easier to just read a book (The Hobbit IIRC). Have no fear, although I’ve re-shelled it to look like a Game Boy Horror, I still have the original shell.

  • TFT Screen Mod
  • Re-shelled Clear / Game Boy Horror Lens
  • Rechargeable Battery MOD
  • Micro USB or USB C

Game Boy Advance SP

I owned one of these, and I believe I sold it in order to get money together for a PSP(which I was hardcore into hacking/softmodding). I purchased a well worn SP on goodwill’s website for a decent price. I promptly re-shelled it and added an IPS V2 screen.

  • Reshell Clear (Much to be desired, cheap shell)
  • IPS V2 Screen Mod
  • Battery Replacement (Still rough, orderk Mahko kit arriving 8/6)
  • Wireless Charging (Completed 8/03)


In order to not care about cartridge batteries, I purchased an Everdrive for my GB(x7) and GBA (mini x5). Well worth the price, and allow for me to play homebrew games on my consoles.

Things I would love to do

  • GBA Consolizer is very interesting, but $$$
  • N64 seems like fun, but not as compact and space efficient
  • Game Boy Camera wifi printer to offload (ordered dongle)
  • Game Boy Printer hacked cable to USB print to. (have parts, no resistors)