EDU684: Diverse Teaching Strategies

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EDU684 Week 6 Diverse Teaching Strategies

I tried out multiple forms of assessment(strategy 2.14) and cooperative learning strategies (strategy 2.9):

For multiple forms of assessment I utilized my common assessment rubric that my colleague and I have been working on for a few checkpoints in our new project. I also started to have my students develop a portfolio website for this project which they will utilize for the rest of the year to document their work. In our PLCs we also discussed a self assessment tool so students could do a final check on their websites prior to when we grade it. This is something I already do in my level 2 and capstone classes, and I hope starting it in freshman year will make the transition to higher level classes easier.

With regards to cooperative learning strategies. I had students work together to swap material and check calibration on a 3D printer. I paired students who do not sit together and stressed as a debriefed this activity that you will need to work together across the class to 3D print [because you will all be ready to print at different times]. I want to do this more as we learn the digital fabrication tools in smaller groups as it seemed to work well.