EDU616: Week 4 Integrating Technology

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EDU616 Week 4 Integrating Technology

Hi All! I’m currently excited to be on winter break this week, see family for a little, reflect, and do some planning for the push towards Spring Break.

With regards to technology I have been very lucky with my schools 1-1 program where my students may also take home their laptops. We utilize web based CAD (Onshape), online circuit prototyping (TinkerCAD Circuitry), and allow our students to use a variety of other programs via our Haiku LMS and Self Service Portal. Onshape(free to use) has a pretty solid learning portal full of self-paced tutorials, and I just recently found out they offer digital certificates for learning pathway completion (they have 4 currently). I may better include these in my course next year so my students gain that credential as part of the class.

Lately I have been on Twitter(@senorklev) posting things that are going on in my class or to be involved in chats with other technology teachers. It has been useful to bounce ideas or get inspiration from other teachers. I always find my students come to me with ideas for projects from instragram(I don’t use) as well as reddit(which I refuse to use in school, but occasionally suggest to some students as part of research, troubleshooting, or community engagement).